A Year of Leadership

A weekly guide to being better than your best.


“Popforms sparks deliver heavy-hitting lessons in a lightweight format that’s easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. Their fun-to-read, actionable content helps me take responsibility for my own professional development and growth.”

– Jessie C.

Who this spark is for:

This isn’t a just management guide, and it isn’t just for managers. It’s for leaders. To us, a leader is anyone who wants to be in charge of their career; a leader is anyone who wants to be a force for good on their team.

This spark is a collection of 52 weekly reminders to be better at your job. While some of the weeks may have tips that are more specific to managers, they can be easily tweaked to fit anyone from an office assistant to a software engineer.

Anyone who is striving to be great at work knows there is a lot to keep track of. We made this course so that those busy people can breathe a little easier, knowing they’re getting one great tip, suggestion, hack, or strategy for being better at work every single week.

This spark is for superstars, high-achievers, and people who will never stop learning.


What this course covers:

Here are just a few of the weekly topics you can expect to receive!

  • How to capture great ideas
  • Manufacturing serendipity
  • Running meetings that don’t suck
  • How to clear your back burner
  • Putting negative thinking to rest
  • How to be amazing 1:1
  • How to make gratitude part of your routine


How it works:

You will get an email every week for a whole year, with a lesson designed to take you about an hour to read and start applying. Depending on the task, some may take more than an hour to complete, but on the whole your commitment will be just about 60 minutes a week.

Upon signing up you will receive an invoice confirming your purchase. Your first email will arrive that day, and you’ll receive another one each week for 52 weeks.

If you are not satisfied with the content, or your improvement, just let us know and we will refund the full amount of your purchase, no questions asked. That’s our popforms promise!


Why it’s so worth it:

This is the course that started them all — when we first imagined doing leadership sparks, we were inspired by the idea of getting a weekly exercise delivered that would help us do one thing a little bit better. There are so many “shoulds” in the life of a leader, but so many things standing in the way of getting those little, life-improving things done.

So that’s why we created 52 weeks worth of leadership action items, delivered to your inbox each week, to help you be just a little bit better at your job. This spark is our way of making sure those “shoulds” don’t get lost in the shuffle anymore.

As a busy leader, you have tons of responsibilities vying for your attention each week; with so many obligations, it’s easy to stagnate on your personal growth. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend just an hour a week making sure you’re doing the best job you can for yourself *and* the people around you?

We want you to be outstanding at work. When you sign up for this spark, you’ll get one brilliant idea a week for how to be better at your job, plus a simple exercise for putting that idea into practice. Stop worrying about what you *should* be doing, and start doing it! With our help, it will be easier than you ever thought possible. :)

The cost of this course could turn out to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Once you’ve signed up, we suggest setting up a recurring calendar appointment for this course so you’re sure to make the time for yourself, even on during your busiest weeks. After all, you’re investing in yourself and getting better every time you open a leadership spark — and that’s definitely worth an hour a day.


Love for “A Year Of Leadership”:

“I love being reminded every week of a new strategy I use to be better at work. It’s like a little extra boost to my career momentum that is super useful without being overwhelming. I get excited every week when I see the new email pop up in my inbox!”

– Matt R.

“What a perfect, simple way to be a little bit better at your job than you were the day before!”

– Jillian V.

“Career development can be hard to make time for. That’s why I am so happy I signed up for A Year Of Leadership! It’s such an easy way to keep growing my career without having to block off huge amounts of time. Thank you Popforms for making career development simple and fun!”

– Lauren A.

“A Year Of Leadership is such a handy tool to have in my back pocket. I love how actionable the weekly emails are, so I can start being better at my job the same day I read them.”

– Patrick G.


Free content preview:

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