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You are busy. We know, and share the feeling. So we created leadership sparks. With these programs you can learn and build your skills in bite sized pieces. A "spark" is our version of an email-based course, breaking down and sharing information you can use in an actionable (and maybe a little fun) way.

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Tame Your Email - Your Guide To Achieving Inbox Zero

Get a guide to Inbox Zero that will actually help you keep the clutter away.

Are you swimming in a mountain of email? Maybe you have heard about inbox zero, but don't see how you could ever get there or just want to learn how to do it and stick to it. This course takes you through tips, tricks, and suggestions while guiding you through your email to inbox zero in just two weeks.

Simply block off 15 minutes on your calendar for each day and we will guide you to email zen in no time.

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Speak at a Conference - An Intro to Pitching and Public Speaking

Do you ever wonder how the speakers you see at conferences got there? We'll show you how.

Speaking at a conference is an incredible way to build your brand, establish yourself as a thought leader, and spread the word about the things you’re most excited about in your career -- and it’s something you can do no matter what your role or title!

In this course, we’ll help you identify the best conferences for you to pitch, help you craft and hone your perfect presentation, and offer tips and advice for enduring the bumps in the road that go along with public speaking.

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Getting Stuff Done: Productivity Bootcamp

Ever wondered how the world's most productive and successful people stay on top of it all? It's not magic -- it's about smart strategies and getting shit done.

In this spark, we will share the secrets of the world's most productive people, plus a few of our own surefire ways for making sure you're never two steps behind again. Being organized is all about having the right tools at the ready -- and we are here to give you those tools!

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How To Overcome And Manage Your Stress

Don't you want to be happier and less stressed?

We are all busy and we are asked to be even busier all the time.

Sign up today and get 10 weeks of stress-relieving strategies for handling overwhelming demands from work and friends, and learn tactics for avoiding stressful situations in the future. See how you can relax more without sacrificing your work or personal life - enroll today!

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We want to help you be a better leader.

Did you know that with many courses people will sign up, complete the first lesson or two and then never finish?

Personal development is hard work, so we want you to be invested in your growth.  Our purpose is to help you be better, and it is much more likely you will follow through if you make a commitment up front.  There is all kinds of research* that shows that people are much more likely to follow through if they make a financial investment at the start.

We wanted to be sure this would be the case with our content too.  We let 20 people take one of our courses - 10 paid and 10 didn’t.  Of the ones who paid, each person opened all the emails and gave the course higher ratings (average 4.6/5).  Of the ones who received the course for free - only 2 out of 10 opened all the emails, and the rating was consistently lower (average of 3.9/5). Of course this isn’t statistically significant, but it was a good enough justification for us.

If you really want to take a course though, and can’t afford to pay for some reason, then email us and let us know why.  If the reasons make sense, and you promise to complete it, we will let you take it.  After all, our mission is to help you be a better leader - and we wouldn’t want money to stand in the way of that.

  Oh besides keeping you motivated, and we are also trying to build Popforms into a super successful company, so all of the proceeds go back into creating more great content and products for you.  It's a win-win!

* Some examples of research on the topic: On incentives and commitments - Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done and  Commitment contracts Losing Weight - Financial incentive-based approaches for weight loss: a randomized trial. Quitting smoking - Put Your Money Where Your Butt Is: A Commitment Contract for Smoking Cessation